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Industry Insights
Innovation and support

Palates change. We’re ready with innovative products and culinary support to help you meet growing customer demand.

Plant Based
Broad portfolio

From fresh avocados and roasted vegetables to fruits and grains, our full portfolio satisfies big appetites for on-trend plant-forward options.

Business Growth
More profit

Just like our fries, our plant-forward menu options are easy to prepare and feature low labor costs and zero waste so you can maximize profit.

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Harvest Fresh

Simplot Harvest Fresh™ Avocados make avocado easier and more profitable to serve. Use them in a wide variety of dishes for on-trend choices across your menu and any part of the day.

Fresh and fast with no pitting or peeling

Consistent pricing, quality, and availability year-round

100 percent Hass avocado with no waste

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Simplot Roastworks®

Simplot RoastWorks® roasted vegetables and blends help you capture customers with profitable and on-trend choices. With rich colors and intense flavors, RoastWorks roasted vegetables and blends turn your plant-forward dishes into menu favorites.

Roasted Corn and Jalepeno
Exceptional versatility across the menu

Roasted Sweet Potatoes
On-trend options, from root vegetables to Fuji apples

Roasted Baby Bakers
Made-from-scratch appearance and flavor

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Menu ideas and inspiration

Any part of the menu, anytime of day, Simplot Foods helps you make it fast and fresh, just the way your customers like it.

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Kitchen Stories

Above the Bar Hospitality Group, Siesta Key, FL

Executive Chef Evan Gastman explains how prepared products from Simplot give him precious extra time to tend to the four restaurants he oversees on Siesta Key, FL.

Simple Goodness

Harvested and frozen at the peak of maturity, Simplot Simple Goodness™ vegetables add eye-catching color and fresh flavor to any plate or recipe during any season.

Consistent year-round availability, quality, and pricing

100 percent usable; no trim, loss, or waste

Heat and serve; reduce costly labor

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Good Grains

Simplot Good Grains™ Premium Blends feature nutritious whole grains and colorful vegetables in delicious combinations designed to appeal to today’s health-conscious diners.

Thai Blend
Consistent results—just heat and serve

Vegan and vegetarian options

Easy prep: no varied cooking time for blends

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Simplot Simple Goodness Logo
Selected from the top growing regions in the U.S. and abroad, Simplot Simple Goodness™ Fruit is picked at the peak of ripeness and frozen quickly to lock in freshness, flavor, and nutrients.
  • Year-round availability, quality, and pricing
  • Thaw and use just like fresh fruit
  • 100 percent usable: no waste

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