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Restaurant-quality frozen potatoes, vegetables, fruits, and ancient grains — now available for retail sale!

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Keep sales growing with high-quality frozen food products from one of America’s leading frozen food manufacturers for restaurants. We are now offering our broad portfolio of frozen, restaurant quality items in retail-ready packaging, including:

Fire-roasted vegetables, fruit and blends

Premium and classic vegetables and vegetable blends

Ancient grains and vegetable/grain blends

Fruit & Potatoes

Simplot Roastworks®

Simplot RoastWorks® Roasted Vegetables, Fruits and Blends

Enjoy genuine fire-roasted flavor and color with the #1 roasted, frozen product line in restaurants.  

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Simple Goodness

Simplot Simple Goodness™
Premium Vegetables

Our premium line of vegetables and vegetable blends with farm-fresh color and hand-cut look.

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Good Grains

Simplot Good Grains™

These tasty ancient grains and vegetable/grain blends make creating healthy, delicious meals a breeze.

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Simple Goodness

Simplot Simple Goodness™ Fruit

Share a taste of summer with Simplot Goodness™ Fruit, always ripe,
always delicious.

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Simplot Classic® Vegetables

Offer the bright color and flavor of the classic vegetables and vegetable blends that families love.

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Simplot Traditional

Simplot Traditional

Get the best in formed frozen potato products from the company that invented the frozen fry!

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