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Simplot RoastWorks®Roasted Redskin Potatoes & Jalapeno Blend
New! Simplot RoastWorks® Roasted Redskin Potatoes & Jalapeno Blend

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Simplot Good Grains™ Cilantro Lime Rice & Fire Roasted Corn Fiesta Blend
New! Simplot Good Grains™ Cilantro Lime Rice & Fire Roasted Corn Fiesta Blend

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Conquest® Crispy Potato Strips
Conquest® Crispy Potato Strips

Ultra-thin Simplot Conquest® Crispy Potato Strips make an unforgettable presentation, with a crispness that never quits.

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Simplot delivery fries
Simplot Conquest® Delivery+™ Fries

With a 40+ minute hold time—the industry’s longest—Conquest® Delivery+™ Fries always arrive crisp and delicious.

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Simplot RoastWorks® Flame-Roasted Pineapple & Pepper Blend

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Baby Bakers™ Halves with Herbs & Parmesan
RoastWorks® Baby Bakers™ 
Halves with Herbs & Parmesan

Fresh roasted flavor in a miniature size, seasoned to perfection with herbs and parmesan.

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Handscooped Avocado
Harvest Fresh Avocados™ Hand-Scooped Avocado Chunks

Perfectly ripe and always ready, our hand-picked avocados will take dishes across your menu to delicious new heights.

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Come taste the rest of the story.

Think we only make great fries? No one gives you more ways to cater to America’s evolving tastes than Simplot Foods. 


Fresh chilled and frozen Hass avocado in pulp, guacamole and cut fruit.


Flame- and oven-roasted vegetable blends, fruit and potatoes with upscale appeal.


Farm-fresh vegetables frozen to lock in their bright color, flavor and texture.


New Recipes from our Kitchen

Any part of the menu, anytime of day, Simplot Foods helps you make it fast and fresh, just the way your customers like it.

Recipe Ideas

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